High Pressure Needle Valves Manufacturer in India

High Pressure Needle Valves

Needle Valves are use in general-purpose applications to isolate or vent system media. The hardened stainless steel and integral bonnet design, non-rotating needle promotes leak-tight shutoff and long service life. The valve stem threads are isolated from the media. Compact design. Stainless steel stop pin. High-temperature packing and bonnet seal option available. Antitamper and lockable handle features available. Available in straight as well as angular pattern.

We provide lubrication for high pressure needle valves & manifold valves to stop the internal leakage of the valve thereby improving system integrity. Our precision components are machined, assembled, and tested to the highest quality standard. The pressure range up to 30000 psi and the temperature range is up to 180°c.

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High Pressure Needle Valves Coding Table

Size Code Туре Code MOC Code Packing Code Pressure Series Code Thread Туре Code Туре Code
1/8" 2 Male M SS316 S6 CFT C 3000psi Series 1 P1 BSP B Angular A
1/4" 4 Female F HC276 H6 Grafoil G 6000psi Series 2 P2 NPT N Straight S
3/8" 6 Male x Female D Brass BR PEEK 10000psi Series 3 P3 Metric M Tube/Pipe QD O
1/2" 8 OD O SS304 S4 15000psi Series 4 P4 OD 4
3/4" 10 MS MS
1" 12 Monel 400 M4
1 1/4" 14 INC 625 15
1 1/2" 16
2" 18

Packing Selection Table

Packing material Pressure Temperature Packing material Pressure Temperature
CFT 3000psi 300 deg.c Grafoil 3000psi 500 deg.c
6000psi 300 deg.c
10000psi 200 deg.c 6000psi 500 deg.c
15000psi 200 deg.c
ltem Code Example
Brand Name: Phoenix industries = PI
PIItem Name: Needle valve (Abbreviation: NV)
Item Code Item Description
PI-NV4MS6C-P1-NA Needle Valve 1/4"Male SS316 CFT 3000psi NPT Angular